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NEWS! Welcome to our newly designed site. After many conversations with dealer adverterisers on this site we know without a doubt that this site will boost your business substantially. We have hired SEO specialists to help move this site up on search engines. Look or our future advertising in Shotgun News and Gun Digest. This site will give your business the most exposure for the dollar of any firearms related advertising medium.

Sign up today. Be sure and provide the information in the required format provided below and email it with SIGNUP in the subject line. Be sure and email your current SOT. We will get you posted.

Between now and September 30 get a FREE posting. Simply provide the required info to This enrollment is open only to SOT holders. .

Do you have a range that allows NFA? Be sure and provide a separate signup sheet to get listed on the NFA ranges page. Send the information in the required format with RANGE SIGNUP in the subject line. If you have a NFA friendly range, we will post that free of charge with your dealer directory subscription.

Why this site? You think ” I can put an ad on a couple different websites (one charges a few dollars per ad) and have my name out there”. The answer is yes….and no. The posting sites where you place an ad for items for sale is great…BUT…as the ad moves down the page, or falls off the page, so does your information. New guys entering the hobby or searching for a specific item probably will not find you. puts your name out there 24/7 365 days a year. Not only is your name published, but you can get your address, phones, fax lines, emails, websites, and products and services advertised every minute of the day…24/7. This site is about building YOUR business. We have had several dealers state this site has been instrumental in building their business.

Here is what one dealer has to say about “I think you site is very very important and has ultimately lead to my business to being a success. I don’t think I would ever have done this much business without it. I get calls and emails on a daily basis and have been able to help and involve many new customers into the NFA world. Thanks, Terry W. Maynard, Mid-City Shooters Supply.

Here is what another dealer had to say: “Well, as far as a review goes, I’ll have to say that when we first joined and started receiving calls for class 3 we asked where did they get our info. Over half of our customers at that time said they found us in a search and your site came up. We have also used the site to look up dealers in other states for Form 3 transfers to aid out customers”. Dale Landry, Landry’s Guns, Morganza, LA.

So, take part, sign up, and let us help YOU build your NFA business to new levels.Your information is available YEAR ROUND 24/7 unlike posting a “for sale” ad on other sites that disappears after a couple of days! When people are looking for NFA Dealers…they find this site…and if you are posted, THEY FIND YOU!

This site can and will generate LOTS more business targeted specifically for customers seeking NFA dealers, 02 manufacturers, and NFA items for sale.

BANNER LISTINGS: Banner listings on the front page on the top banner (maximum 3 dealers at any time) are $300 per month.  The small display listings on the front page are $150 per month.

If you want a listing you MUST do the following:

1. Fax a copy of your SOT to 239-514-4600 or email it to

2. For a listing please email the following information in the format provided:
A. LAST NAME, First name
B. Company Name
C. Company Address
D. Company City, State , Zip
E. Office Phone
F. Cell Phone
G. Fax
H. Email
I. Website
J. Products and services

Please put the letter beside each piece of information so we know how to list it (such as office phone, fax, etc). Omit any Information you do not want published by listing the letter and putting N/A next to it. Remember, the more information you provide the more business we can drive to you. We must have a valid email for every dealer on the site or you will not receive notices which could affect your listing.

All emails should be addressed to

This site is available for all qualified FFL/SOT. This includes class II manufacturers and Class III dealers.

Class III Dealers website T-shirts are now available. They are black with silver lettering and devices. The front shows an MP5SD with “CLASSIIIDEALERS.COM” and “AFFILIATED DEALER” beneath the website name. T-Shirt are $17 delivered. A purchase of a website T shirt would be a nice way to say “thanks” and that your appreciate our efforts to help build YOUR business.

Both URL and are pointed to the URL Our research has shown that will rank higher in the search engines.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Every dealer must email their new SOT each year no later than July 31. If we do no receive your updated SOT your listing will be deleted without notice.