NEWS! We are now offering FREE listings to all valid FFL/SOT dealers. Many of the dealers on this site have been here for years as paid advertisers. We would like to thank all of them for their support!  We do want to recognize them for their contributions to this site. My time is extremely limited so I am not able to work on the site as I need. Soon...we will be changing the colors of the listings or doing something to denote the people that have helped finance this site. We have not decided what method yet...but we will be doing something special to acknowledge them! Dealers without a lifetime member designation can obtain one with a $100 contribution to the site. Email me if you wish to do so.

If you want a free listing you MUST do the following:

1. Email a current copy of your FFL/SOT.

2. We will not accept any information via phone. Email only. If you move or your information changes simply email us to update your listing.

3. For a free listing email the following information in the format provided
A. LAST NAME, First name
B. Company Name
C. Company Address
D. Company City, State , Zip
E. Office Phone
F. Cell Phone
G. Fax
H. Email
I. Website
J. Products and services

Omit any Information you do not want published. We must have a valid email for every dealer on the site or you will not receive notices which could affect your listing.

ALL contact should be addressed to

This site is available for free listings to all qualified FFL/SOT. This includes class II manufacturers and Class III dealers. A copy of your FFL and SOT  MUST be scanned and emailed to NO exceptions.

Any dealer wishing to support this site may paypal a donation to Any dealer wishing to purchase a banner is welcome to do so. Banner listings are $100 per year and run from July 1 through June 30 of the next year.

This site is for YOU! I can tell you that I personally have sold several NFA firearms and purchased several from my listing on this site! You might want to use the posting boards (links are just below the red navigation banner) to promote your products and services. Use it...or lose it. 

NEW Class III Dealers website T-shirts are now available. They are black with silver lettering and devices. The front shows an MP5SD with "CLASSIIIDEALERS.COM" and "AFFILIATED DEALER" beneath the website name.  T-Shirt are $17 delivered. A purchase of a website T shirt would be a nice way to say "thanks" and that your appreciate our efforts to help build YOUR business.

NEW: We now have a Class III friendly range page. The class III friendly range is a PAID servce. Our fee is $42 per year. If you own a class III friendly range or have a friend that allows full auto on their range please encourage them to sign up.


Important Notice

Every dealer must email their new SOT each year no later than August 31. If we do no receive your updated SOT your listing will be deleted without notice. There will be a minimum $50 charge for re-listing.